There are very few things in life that make me gag just by hearing them mentioned, and mayonnaise is one of them. It literally makes me sick. But I know mayo has fans all over the world, so, hence, this story.

Evidently, Hellman's Real Mayonnaise is now a featured ice cream flavor at an ice cream shop in Falkirk, Scotland called Ice Artisan Ice Cream. And this is not their first time to venture out on a limb for an unusual flavor, because they also have Monster Energy Drink ice cream available this summer. Well, that sounds better than a big glob of mayo ice cream in your mouth!!!

To be fair, several people have tried it, and one of the comments from People said 'It’s actually really nice, creamy and rich.'. Miracle Whip also chimed in on social media with 'Mayo ice cream??? Ridiculous. Miracle Whip ice cream though….' I'll take your word for it. Check out some of the other reactions on Twitter here.

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