Legislation written and proposed by Acadiana Senator Fred Mills concerning the dispensing of medical marijuana in Louisiana has cleared yet another hurdle in the Louisiana Senate. The state's current medical marijuana laws do not allow for prescribing or dispensation of the controversial substance. Senator Mills believes his legislation will close that gap and allow those who can benefit from medical marijuana to get it.

"I think we've come up with something that's the real sweet spot between patient care and law enforcement,"

Mills made those comments to the Louisiana Radio Network concerning his legislation. The biggest opposition to any medical marijuana bill has come from law enforcement. As you might imagine officials with Louisiana's law enforcement community are watching this legislation very closely.

Under Mills proposal the medical marijuana that would be legal and approved for use in the state would not be like the street drug. It would be manufactured or grown in a state run facility and would only be available in a non-smokeable  form. The medical marijuana would only be available through ten distribution centers too. There would also be strict and specific limits on the quantity of the product available to patients.

 "This sets quantity limits, it sets testing it sets basically where it can not be in raw form. Right now if you had a prescription, you could have the raw form of marijuana and it's the wild wild west."
Mills says medical marijuana has been shown to be useful in helping patients with certain ailments and patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments. The current legislation moved forward out of the Senate by a vote of 22-13 and will now be returned to the House for more debate and consideration.