All you guys who said cheerleading isn't a sport, think again! The flips, stunts, and jumps should receive the same protection as all other sports, according to medical officials.

I remember being a cheerleader in junior high and high school and having to take the frustrating teasing from the "know-it-all" boys about how cheerleading isn't classified as a sport. Or a "real" sport.. whatever that means. I never understood why it didn't receive the acknowledgment it deserved.

Well, thankfully, the American Medical Association says cheerleading should definitely be considered a sport because of its risks and rigors. Adding cheerleading to the list of sports would result in more protection, safety measures, and proper training for the coaches. According to Dr. Samantha Rosman, a Boston-are pediatrician, cheerleading is the leading cause of serious injuries at the high school and college level.

""These girls are flipping 10, 20 feet in the air," Rosman said. "We need to stand up for what is right for our patients and demand they get the same protection as their football colleagues."

Thank you! I remember having to perform the stunts and flips and let me tell ya, it takes hard work and practice, practice, practice to be a successful cheerleader. This is great news, in my opinion! The new AMA policy means that declaring cheerleading a sport will help ensure better safety measures which include avoiding unsuitable surfaces when performing the stunts and flips.