Yesterday, reports of a boxing match between former heavyweight champions Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield were dead in the water, as Holyfield's manager stated Tyson turned down a $25 million payday for a fight on Memorial Day weekend.

Today, the fight is back on.

"I just want everybody to know the fight is on with me and Holyfield," Tyson said during the live stream with Haute Living. "Holyfield's a humble man I know that and he's a man of God, but I'm God's man. Listen, I'm going to be successful May 29."

Despite the fact the two men are a combined age of 108 (Tyson 54, Holyfield 58), there's a marketplace for famous boxers of yesteryear stepping back into the ring.

Tyson fought an exhibition against Roy Jones Jr. last November, pulling in a reported $10 million in the process.

If Tyson and Holyfield tie it up on May 29th, it will mark the 3rd fight between the two legends.

The two boxed twice, once in 1996, and again in 1997, the later of which is infamously known as the "bite fight", as Tyson was disqualified for biting off a piece of Holyfield's ear. Holyfield won the first fight via TKO.


Holyfield has not fought since 2011.

Tyson had not fought in a sanctioned fight since 2005, though he had the exhibition against Jones Jr. five months ago.

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