A lot of people think that being a celebrity is full of glamour. You get to attend fancy parties and premieres, wear the latest clothing and look gorgeous making out with the latest hot thing. But being a celebrity isn’t all that, especially when you’re dealing with psycho stalkers, the kind who would like to sniff your hair while you’re sleeping kind of insane.

Unfortunately for Mila Kunis, she has one of those intense stalkers. And despite a restraining order, he chased the actress down in Los Angeles yesterday.

TMZ reports that this particular stalker is so persistent with trying to get closer towards the ‘Friends with Benefits’ actress that he, Stuart Dunn, has not only been showing up at her gym but even broke into her house back in January. He was arrested for burglary back when he broke into her home, but that didn’t stop him.

Dunn broke his restraining order this weekend and followed Kunis to her gym. The actress recognized the man, hid in her car and called police.  The police arrived and arrested the man for breaking his restraining order.  He was released from police custody but is currently being evaluated in a mental hospital.

With the crazy amount of paparazzi and overall media attention that celebrities have been getting now, especially with the emergence of reality television, it’s a bit scary to be a celebrity. Granted, somebody like Mila Kunis should have enough security to protect her petite self, but sometimes that won’t stop them.

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