How would you describe the ocean if you've never seen it? It's hard to have a solid take on places when you've never been there. But one writer for a Mississippi State-based fan site took to the web to trash Lafayette and South Louisiana after having admitted, he'd never ever been here before.

In his article author Gil Maneclang references the website Trip Advisor about what there is to do in and near Lafayette. Trip Advisor suggested Lake Martin. If good ol' Gil had done a little research he'd know that Lake Martin is a much better suggestion than the things they reference you do in Starkville.

Gil also referenced why the vaunted Mississippi State Bulldogs would lower themselves to playing a Sun Belt Conference school. At least he was honest enough to mention that State lost to South Alabama last year. He also when on to suggest that other SEC schools don't bother with the 'Belt. He's wrong again.

LSU lost to Troy last year. Alabama played Arkansas State and Appalachian State played a game against Penn State already this season. Texas A&M played UL-Monroe this past Saturday and Georgia Southern played Clemson. So there must be some value in getting these teams to come to play.

Oh no, Gil! I feel your credibility slipping a little, a lot.

Gil referenced that Richard Simmons attended UL. He did. What's wrong with Richard Simmons? The guy has made a fortune out of helping others feel better about themselves. Is that now a crime in Starkville?  By the way, did you check the list of MSU attendees that you wouldn't really like to talk about in mixed company? You know the mass murderer and the folks that wanted to join ISIS?

Richard Simmons is looking like the better choice my friend.

As far as the Vermilion for the color goes. It's French. Since you probably didn't bother to research that fact, Gil, South Louisiana is home of the Cajuns, hence the name of the football team. We use a lot of French words down here. I'm sorry that you haven't learned about the French, the Acadians, and the Cajuns in your time at Mississippi State. It's an interesting group of folks.

Your comments about Cayenne, the mascot are spot on. I won't argue that. I find Cayenne to be a very creepy representative of the university but that's my two cents founded in fact because I have actually seen Cayenne up close and in person unlike you.

Now your comments about the food are where everyone in the country knows you're just trying to stir the pot. South Lousiana and Lafayette are world renowned for their recipes, restaurants, chefs, and culinary creations. What kind of food is Starkville famous for? I couldn't think of anything either Gil so don't feel bad.

Your comments about the MSU cafeteria I can't argue with. Here's why.

When I lived in Starkville from 1962 to 1980, yeah I grew up there, the cafeteria was the ONLY place in town to go eat. Well, besides the Plaza Drive-In which used to be where McDonald's on Highway 12 is and there was also a Burger Chef on Lee Boulevard.

As far as your hearsay evidence about the food on campus at UL. I can't vouch for the cafeteria food because I haven't eaten there. See Gil, when you haven't experienced something you should recuse yourself from commenting on it.

Even though I know hundreds of people who have eaten and enjoyed the cafeteria fare at UL I won't bother to tell you of the etouffee, gumbo, red beans and rice, and other amazing foods because I haven't experienced them myself.

By the way, Gil, let me tell you about me. I am not some butthurt Cajun fan whining because Mississippi State laid a whuppin' on us in football. I grew up in Starkville. I have family that still lives in Starkville. My two brothers are Mississippi State graduates and one is currently a professor at the university.

I support Mississippi State. My family supports Mississippi State but I can't support you and these kinds of childish inaccurate condemnations of a people and a culture that you've never experienced. That's something an Ole Miss writer would do.

Look, Gil, I am all about trash talking when it comes to college athletics. However, to be good, you have to be accurate. To be good, when you throw crap you have to make sure your own personal crap isn't worse than the crap you're flinging.  With this article and the myriad of faux pas you've committed, you've really just embarrassed yourself and all of us who proudly wear our Maroon and White on game day and every day.

By the way, Gil, the last time a writer from Mississippi State chose to trash South Louisiana and UL without doing his due diligence found himself looking for a new job. I hope that won't happen to you, it should, but I hope it won't.  I'd like to think you're better than the piece you penned about Lafayette and U.L. but I can't.

The reasons?

I only have this prejudicial hate mongering attempt at "humor" to judge you by. You see Gil, trying to describe the ocean without ever having seen it will only get you in over your head.



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