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The novel coronavirus pandemic has pushed back the Major League Baseball season months but after a long wait and of course, a struggle between the owners and the players association Opening Day is finally here.

Baseball players and fans alike have reason to rejoice. The players are happy to be getting back to playing the game they've dedicated their entire lives to get to the professional level. The fans are excited for LIVE sports as baseball will be the first of the three major sports to play since the pandemic hit in mid-March.

Now, there won't be any fans in the stands for any baseball action in 2020 which hurts the bottom line for owners who live off the revenue generated by fans.

So, in an effort to be creative and generate some sort of revenue and also make it so the stadiums don't feel so empty, teams have begun a creative new initiative to generate at least some revenue. This initiative includes cardboard cutouts and not just any cardboard cutouts, fan cardboard cutouts.

Yes, you read that right fans can now pay their hard-earned money for teams to put YOU on a cardboard cutout and place you in the stands of your favorite team's stadium.

Not every team has jumped on board just yet so according to Newsday here are the teams who are currently selling the opportunity to put yourself on cardboard and maybe be seen on TV during home games.

Major League Baseball Teams Who Are Selling Cardboard Fan Cutouts


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