We all remember the legend of Mobile's Crichton Leprechaun, right? If you've forgotten about this magical creature, first, let's refresh your memory.

This report went viral back in 2006 with the witness-sketch perhaps being the highlight of the news report.

To celebrate this legend, the folks at Parish Brewing have put the sketch of the Leprechaun on one of their brew's labels.

According to Parish Brewing owner Andrew Godley, the mock-up that has been circulating on the internet is real and his company will begin putting it on its beers for distribution between Mardi Gras and St. Patrick's Day.

“Just for your information, outside of Mobile, the Mobile Leprechaun is still a big deal,” said Godley. “It’s a hilarious bit of pop culture folklore.”

So what went behind the decision to put the Leprechaun on a beer label? Well, there are three reasons.

First off, Parish Brewing likes to come up with seasonal labels for its relatively new Pilsner-style beer. Secondly, the Lafayette-based company sells a lot of beer in lower Alabama, probably due in some part to the many vacationers from Louisiana that head to the beaches there.

And finally, Godley just loves the 2006 video. He thinks that reporter Brian Johnson deserved to win awards for it. "He should be the evening news anchor on ABC," said Godley.

As far as getting your hands on this new label, by Fat Tuesday they'll be shipped out to bars, restaurants and retailers while supplies last.

These little gems might just be a collector's item as only a few hundred cases are planned.

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