One thing Louisiana residents very seldom need is a reason to go fishing. When you have as many, lakes, swamps, bayous, coulees, rivers, bays, and gulfs as we do at our disposal, it's no wonder that we really like to wet a line.

While the ongoing coronavirus pandemic continues to grip our nation in an attitude social distancing and self-isolation it appears though fishing has become the go-to hobby for even more of our state's residents.

Fishing actually plays into the whole pandemic model of social distancing. It's possible to fish with others but let's face it, even without a pandemic you don't want folks fishing too close to you. There's also the aspect of fresh air and sunshine which beats being cooped up inside your house or apartment all day too.

Here's another upside to going fishing of which you might not be aware. Louisiana State Parks are open for guest but only for guests that are residents of our state. That means the crowds will be down and chances are you can book an outdoor fishing getaway this weekend or any of the coming weekends quite easily.

Now, there has been one reported downside to this increased love of fishing around the state and the nation. Some bait and tackle shops are reporting low supplies of live bait in some locations. So, make sure you have what you need before you go.

Oh, and don't forget your fishing license. Those are available online from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Just be mindful that license will expire on June 30th so once you get hooked on fishing again, you'll have to renew your license in the middle of the Summer.


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