It seems a lot of Louisiana voters can look past that whole prison thing when it comes to former Governor Edwin Edwards. Or is it that Louisiana voters have simply had enough of whatever it is that Bobby Jindal is attempting to do in Baton Rouge.

I know I would fall among the disenchanted with Mr. Jindal. I also would not be really supportive of putting Mr. Edwards back in the driver's seat. I guess I would be the odd man out because a lot of you feel much differently about these two men than I do.

The results of a statewide poll that reflected the views of 11-hundred Louisiana residents suggest that more of us would rather have Edwin Edwards in the governor's office than would rather see Bobby Jindal in the state's top job. The numbers weren't really that close either. 47% of those surveyed would be happier with Edwards in the governor's office while only 34% wanted Jindal.

According to Wayne Parent , a Professor of Political Science at LSU, he believes most of the state's residents are tired Jindal's frequent out of state trips and presidential aspirations. A lot of people feel like Bobby Jindal is more about himself than about solving the problems of Louisiana. And when it comes to the perception of Edwards?

"Edwin Edwards is very much a Louisiana person, he's focused on Louisiana and many believe Jindal is not."

Parent's comments were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. The poll Parent  was  commenting on was conducted by Public Policy


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