Are you planning a trip to New Orleans? Do you have a little over $27,000 to spend on a weekend getaway?  If so, we have found just the place for you.

This home in New Orleans is slated as the most expensive Airbnb rental in Louisiana. It's called the Vieux Carre Villa and it boasts 12 bedrooms, 27 beds, and 12 bathrooms.

The listing says you can sleep 40 people in the home. The price tag? Oh, it's only $9,016 a night. It shows that it is available for the July 4th weekend.

So if you decided to stay for a three-day weekend it would cost you $27,048 for three nights. It shows that the home can sleep 40 people so if you gather up 39 other folks, it would only cost each person $676.20 for the weekend LOL.

According to the listing,

Our lovingly handcrafted hotel is designed to bring your group of (40 or more!) together for a unique experience. Our luxury spaces are more than just a place to stay, it's your home away from home. It's a source of lasting memories. The key to an authentic New Orleans experience, and your redefined sense of travel.

Now as we read further, we found out that this is not one complete unit but several separate units.  The listing went on to say,

Please note that these are six separate units, and are not physically linked in any way. They occupy the entirety of the building, are located adjacent to each other over three floors, and will have separate door entrances. There is also no parking with this unit though paid parking is available in the immediate Vicinity!

Want to see what you're paying for?  Check out these pictures.

Most expensive Airbnb In Louisiana

So would you spend that kind of money on this?

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