Louisiana is known for being a very mysterious place. Some people call it spooky, eerie, weird, or just plain unsettling. I attribute a lot of that to our state just being very old, and unique. Or maybe it's just because we have voodoo, who knows?!

The Crazy Tourist has come up with a list of some of the most mysterious places in the world. If you are looking to head to some locations that are a little left of center this year, then put some of these fascinating places on your radar.


  • The Bermuda Triangle -  tales of vanishing aircrafts, ships, and  people for hundreds of years
  • The Banff Springs Hotel, Canada - home to many ghost stories, supernatural happenings, and an entire family who was murdered in one of the guest rooms
  • Transylvania, Romania - home of Gothic towers and gargoyle roofs, and Dracula, of course
  • Crooked Forest, Poland - an entire forest of trees bent over at a 90 degree angle
  • Bhangarh Fort, India - a rumored cursed location, and one of the most haunted spots in India
  • Skirrid Mountain Inn, Wales - ghost stories, and a swinging noose still on the premises
  • The Tower of London - apparitions of Queen Anne Boleyn and Thomas Becket
  • Eternal Flame Falls, New York - gorgeous waterfalls cascading down chiseled stone, with a flame behind it that never goes out
  • Richat Structure, Mauritania - some say it is an asteroid impact from past centuries
  • Nazca Lines, Peru - an UNESCO World Heritage Site, with permanent lines in the desert that no one can really explain
  • Highgate Cemetary, England - considered to be the most haunted location in the whole UK. Karl Marx is buried here.
  • Area 51, Nevada - the hub of UFO activity in the United States
  • Easter Island, Polynesia - over 880 colossal rock heads scattered around the island
  • Stonehenge, England - 5,000 year old huge megalith stones that no one knows how on earth they got there
  • Uluru, Australia - in the heart of the Australian Outback, and home to the original Aborigines. A giant rock formation in the middle of nowhere

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