"I Scream" "You Scream" We all scream for what?  Ice Cream!  Very good.  Now that our Kindergarten riddle is out of the way we can sit on the couch and eat a gallon of Ice Cream.  Why do I love Ice Cream so much?

Probably because of its sweet taste.  I can physically eat a pint of Ice Cream each night, but I would never do that because I'd be as big as a house.  But seriously, do you love Ice Cream too? I've made a list of my Favorite Flavors and places to get them.

My favorite flavors:

1. Snicker Doodle - Marble Slab

Snicker Doodle

2. Ben and Jerry's- Fish Food- Your local convenient store

3.  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough- Baskin Robbins

4.  Pistachio Ice Cream- Made From Scratch


Now that you have made me crave some Ice Cream, ok maybe I did that to myself!  I'm going get some!

What's you favorite Ice Cream and where do you get it?

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