Police in Morgan City have made one arrest and other arrests are likely in a rather odd counterfeit money scam. Authorities in Morgan City and other municipalities across South  Louisiana are putting out the word to be on the look out for "movie money".

Sgt. Rick Hartley with the Morgan City Police Department says that several bars, nightclubs, and convenience stores have made reports to authorities concerning these counterfeit bills.  So far the investigation in Morgan City has yielded one arrest. Vanisha August of Morgan City was arrested and charged with one count of monetary instrument abuse.

That arrest has led us to information regarding other persons involved, which is being investigated and also warrants and things will be cut out pretty soon for other subjects.

Hartley's comments, reported in a story published by the Louisiana Radio Network, went on to explain just how the scam with the obviously fake bills works.

A lot of times when bartenders are busy, they don’t think about checking the money a little closer or looking at that money a little closer.

I can certainly see that happening even though the counterfeit bills a clearly marked "Motion Picture Use Only". Hartley says the scam works best in dimly lit and very busy establishments. While the bills are marked as fake, they do look very real and they are easily attainable.

I’m sure that the movie industry has made an attempt to make it so ridiculously obvious that it is fake money, however in a dark setting or dark environment, it can be easily missed.

There are several websites that offer these movie props for sale. However, just because the money is fake doesn't mean the charges against those that might try to use these bills as legal tender won't be. Counterfeiting is a federal crime and Uncle Sam doesn't like you messing with his money.


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