Fred Rogers was to children's television what Thomas Jefferson was to democracy. Mr. Rogers and his friends in the neighborhood of make-believe didn't care about cool, they cared about kids. They cared about kids like me. As a parent a lot of what I know about kids I learned as a kid by watching Mr. Rogers.Children need loving limits and they need to know that someone is there for them. Parents need to be there for their kids. All great messages if you ask me.

A lot of times these remix videos are quite funny, you may remember Jude Walker's story about the "Aint nobody got time for that" lady. This remix is different, the folks at PBS commissioned this piece and I personally think it came out beautifully. If you were a kid that grew up in Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood let me warn you, you will get a little misty eyed. Did you ever grow anything in the garden of  your mind?

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