Over the years, country music has really been a melting pot of lots of different styles of music. It has been infused with rock, soul, R&B, bluegrass, hip hop, and yes, even cajun and zydeco.

I'm always enthusiastically surprised when I hear an accordion in a country song or a simple reference to our area or any part of the great state of Louisiana.

That got me to thinking of some of the great country songs over the years that reference Louisiana. I'm talking about the songs that not only mention Louisiana or our towns but are about our culture and great people.

After a bit of reminiscing and digging in my old CD and album collection, I've come up with a baker's dozen worth of country songs about Louisiana. Enjoy!

The Best Country Songs About Louisiana

Ok, there you go, my list of country songs that are about Louisiana. I know I've left some out because there are tons of albums over the years that I either never listened to or have totally forgotten about.

If you have a country song that is about Louisiana that you think needs to be on this list, email it to me: jude@973thedawg.com.

Lache pa la bonne musique, bêbe!

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