Have you seen those TV commercials for Geico that say 'Nothing is more important to me than my vacation'? I find myself shaking my head and saying yes!yes!yes! every time I see them!

And I have a secret trick to make sure that I get to go on vacation every year, even when my budget is tight. For the last 20 years or so, I have saved all my change, put it in a jar, and counted it once a year. This takes a lot of discipline, because it is easy to bust into the funds when you have an emergency. But I never do, and that has allowed me to save up for a trip to the beach with virtually no cutting back on my end.

Now, you really have to concentrate on using cash as much as you can, because that's where your change comes in. And unless you have a bank that will roll your change for you, you need to do it yourself. Some of those counting machines charge as much as 10%, which is a lot. This year my grand total is $885, and then tomorrow I will start all over saving again for next year! In the past my all time high total was $1336, and my lowest was $339, so it is completely do able every year, for sure. Check out my total haul below, and try it out, because it really does work, y'all!

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