Festivals in Louisiana are awesome - we celebrate everything from Smoked Meat to Creole Tomatoes to Zydeco Music - We are festival lovin' fools! I have my favorites - some are here in Acadiana, and some are a short road trip away. Below, in no particular order, are my top 5 Louisiana Festivals. Allons!


I love Jazz Fest not only for the music, but for the incredible arts and crafts, food, and diversity of people that show up in New Orleans the last weekend of April, and the first weekend of May for this party. Now that they have started adding some of our country music artists to the lineup, I love it even more. I always go the second weekend, last day, because, of course, I have other festivals to go to the first weekend! And here's a bonus - they actually have indoor bathrooms. Favorite act in the last couple of years for me was Hall & Oates in 2014 on the Gentilly stage. Love!


Festivals Acadiens in Lafayette

Notice how I left off the 'et Creoles' - that's because I don't know why they ever put it on (after more than 20 years, no less). This is a festival that I have loved for many reasons for many years. The number one reason being that it's easy to get to - Girard Park - and no outrageous parking fees (Are you listening, Jazz Fest??). The food at Festivals Acadiens is spectacular, plentiful, and not expensive AT ALL. The best cajun cuisine around. The arts and crafts are what I really go for - I get alot of Christmas presents at this festival being that it is in October, and I see a lot of my artisan friends here every year. Also, it's not too hot in October.


My friend Peggy and I go to this every year, even though it is the same weekend as Jazz Fest, and the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival. This is an outdoor festival, with all of your garden and patio needs on display, with vendors from all over the state. There is a lot of handmade items and art, but more importantly, there are tons of booths with beautiful flowers and plants to get you ready for the upcoming summer season. My favorite booth, and something I look forward to every year, is the guy who sells seasoned smoking wood chips for BBQ'ing. It's the only time of year I can find those, and I am a return customer every year! And I love the artisans who come to Sunset for this festival - you really can find unique items to buy, and that's why I return every year.


I love this festival! I go to meet my cousins from Texas here every year - they have a hotel room right on Bourbon Street, and it's a great chance to catch up with the family and have a good time! This festival has live music on just about every street corner, and a gigantic lineup of food booths along the Mississippi River bank - there is truly something for everyone! They also have a lot of outdoor booths selling local arts and crafts, and my favorite is the one set up inside the courtyard at House of Blues on Decateur Street. I always get to meet some very friendly and fascinating local artisans at French Quarter Festival.


This festival is always held the Friday and Saturday before Thanksgiving every year, and I wouldn't DREAM of missing it! Now in it's 42nd year, this a treasure trove of great local and regional artisans, awesome food, and a perfect start to you holiday shopping. The entire school is filled with artists and vendors, and proceeds from the admission go to the school, which is nice. I can't wait to go back, because my favorite candle vendors from Enchanting Aromas in Covington are always my first GO TO booth - gotta stock up, because this is usually the only time I see them throughout the year. The fact that we get to shop for arts in crafts in a high school cafeteria is kinda awesome.


Well, these are just a few of my favorites, but I'm always on the look out for more fun - I'll update you later if I have any new favorite festivals here in the great state of Louisiana! Happy festivalling, ya'll!

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