November 24th is a pretty big day around our house. It's the birthday of The Moo. The Moo is my daughter Anna we call he Moo because nobody at my house gets called by their real name. Needless to say we have an odd sense of humor which leads me to the other reason why today is such  a big day. It is the birthday of Mystery Science Theater 3000. This may be the best bad movie show that was ever on television.

The premise of the show was obtuse to say the least. A man is kidnapped and sent to the satellite of love where he is imprisoned along side some kooky and sarcastic robot sidekicks. The man's punishment is to watch really bad movies while his kidnappers monitor his thoughts. The movies are so bad they are entertaining and when you add in the snarky and witty commentary from those that were forced to watch the movies you get TV gold.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 was originally aired on this date in 1988 on a local station in Minnesota. The show proved so popular it was picked up by Comedy Central and then later aired on the Sci-Fi network. Alas, MST3K was canned in 1999 and the world lost a really good reason to laugh at television. The good news for "Mysties" as fans of the show are called you can see most of the episodes on You Tube.

Here are the different intro pieces the show used throughout the years.

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