I got really excited when I read the news that Nancy Grace was quitting Headline News. And then I saw where she already has a new show in the works.


The attorney/TV host/justice fighter announced yesterday that she's leaving her show on HLN after 12 years. She released a statement that she's proud of the work she's done creating a "unparalleled platform that gave crime victims a voice."

But, as I mentioned, she doesn't appear to be going away from television anytime soon. She said she's planning to "continue [her] fight for justice." Apparently she already has a new show in the works.

What network it'll be on is unknown at this time, but she wants it to have a bigger "digital component" to attract younger viewers.

Her contract with HLN is not up until the fall so you'll be seeing that sassy face on your TV for a bit longer. Her last episode airs October 13th.

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