The beauty of the Internet is that half the fun of browsing is trying to figure out if the site you are visiting is legit. The Internet seems to be a great sociology experiment that happens in real time. I ask you this, take a look at all the sites you regularly visit on line, how many of them would cause great embarrassment if your spouse, co-worker, parents or disc jockey found out you visited them.

The Internet also allows us to ask some really great questions. For example, If you could go on an all expense paid vacation to a dream destination and the only restriction is that you have to be the traveling companion of a total stranger would you go? Let's take this one step further, what if your only published requirement was that you be very attractive? I see a moral dilemma brewing on the horizon don't you? Is this along the lines of that move Indecent Proposal?

What could go wrong? You travel to an exotic destination with a total stranger far out of the jurisdiction of United States law and personal rights. Have there ever been any stories of pretty girls being harmed for interacting with total strangers in foreign lands?

Ok I am just being a smarta$$ now. So what do you think, would you use a website like this to visit a place you can't afford to go? What if your best friend was going to do this what advice would you give her? Please leave a comment and let us know what you think about traveling companions for hire.