Are you sharing your Netflix password?

If so get ready to pay for it, in more than one way.

Netflix is cracking down on password sharing and is in the process of coming up with new rules surrounding password sharing.

According to Netflix, the new rules should be rolled out by the end of the first quarter of this year.

It is estimated that about 100 million households are currently sharing their accounts on Netflix. While the streaming giant is aware that they may lose customers once these new rules are rolled out they expect many will just create their own accounts on the streaming platform.

While there aren't many details known about how Netflix will enforce these new rules or how much they could potentially charge you for sharing your password, Netflix is working on "finding the right price points."

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And if you were thinking that no one will ever find out that you are sharing your password, well you are wrong. Netflix can see if a different IP address logs into your account and they can also tell if that IP address is part of your household or not.

While in the past Netflix was relaxed about their password-sharing policies that thought process seems to be coming to an end very quickly.

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