I've been consuming true crime in every form for years now. I've read books, watched documentaries, and done countless school projects on several people and tragedies.

Nothing has almost stopped me in my tracks or made me emotional to the point of having to walk away like the new Netflix series 'Dahmer' -- and I'm not alone in thinking that.

Viewers across the world are having trouble getting through episode one, much less the entire 10-episode series.

I know about Jeffrey Dahmer. I know he is a serial killer with 16 victims, and the vile things he did to those young men.

However, I did not know the victims' stories. This series is focused on them, not Jeffrey. Sure, you get a glimpse at his story, but it is not the main focus of the series. It shows that his victims were real people with dreams and aspirations in their young lives.

It also shines a light on the societal fractures throughout the 90's -- including homophobia, racism and the role it played in letting this vile human get away with these atrocious crimes for so long.

Two episodes hit me particularly hard, both involving victims who escaped/left Jeffrey's Milwaukee apartment...at first.

One of his victims was 14 years old. His name was Konerak Sinthasomphone. He escaped the apartment and was found outside by Dahmer's neighbors -- drugged, disoriented, and naked. Jeffrey found him outside, said he was 19, and his partner. The cops on the scene just let Konerak go back inside with Dahmer, with no questions asked. He was then killed.

I am not usually upset to the point of tears with the majority of crimes, and I think that's because I know of the stories because they've been told countless times.

I sobbed uncontrollably after episode 6 of 'Dahmer' - as the story of Tony Hughes was told to me for the first time.

This series will be carried with you after you watch it. I had to physically walk away after Tony's episode and go outside to get fresh air.

The mindblowing thing about Jeffrey Dahmer -- all of this happened in 1991. 30 years ago. I'm 30 years old. That's not long ago at all, and to think that he has given countless chances to kill people via the police not doing their jobs and societal cracks (that still exist to this day) makes me sick.

Series and portrayals of this evil and vile human don't come without controversy, as with any serial killer. Some of the victims' families have spoken out against this series, as they say, it retraumatizes them. The exploitation of real-life crimes with fatal consequences on a global stage would harm and haunt anyone in that position.

Here's a video of actor Evan Peters, who plays Jeffrey, on how he prepared to dive into this terrifying piece of sick history, how he made sure that it was not about Dahmer, and about these people who were left to die, and how they are more than just faces on a press release.

While I do think this series absolutely does NOT glamorize Jeffrey Dahmer, I do think this series has a purpose. Millions of people are now learning the victims' names, their faces, their stories, and how society completely let them die at the hands of a sick and twisted individual...things that are still happening 31 years later.

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