New audio has surfaced, raising more questions about what happened leading up to the controversial death of teenager Quawan Charles.

According to this exclusive story from CBS This Morning, attorneys for Quawan's family believe that audio recordings of Janet Irvin, allegedly the last woman to see Charles alive, implicates her in the death of the south Louisiana teenager.

Charles' was found dead in a sugar cane field on November 3, 30 minutes away from his home. He reportedly went missing on October 30. Surveillance footage appears to show Janet Irvin picking up Charles at his father's house in Baldwin on the day he went missing. She confirmed to a private investigator that she did indeed pick up Quawan and also admitted that she "did not call police right after she realized Quawan Charles had run away from her home."

Irvin's son is also heard on the recording telling the private investigator that he and Charles did drugs at Irvin's home. This audio, coupled with the audio from Janet Irvin is enough evidence to "arrest Irvin on a slew of charges" according to attorneys Ronald Haley and Chase Trichell.

She knew something was wrong and did nothing. It speaks volumes as to what her involvement was in this case.

One detail in the case that Charles' family's attorneys are zeroing in on is the fact that the coroner's office says that Quawan "likely drowned." They believe that if drugs were in Quawan's system based on what they heard from Irvin's son, it contributed to his death.

We think the toxicology report is going to vindicate what we're saying today. Janet Irvin could be charged with delinquency to minors, serving minors drugs.

Local officials were not aware of the recording and have agreed to meet with Charles' family's attorneys who hope to "compare notes to prompt an arrest."

See the full story via CBS Morning News here.

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