In my opinion, there is never enough Christmas music to go around. For a few years now we've been telling a lot of our local musician friends to record some great Christmas music featuring south Louisiana sounds.

Our friends finally listened.

This holiday season we've been blessed with a lot of quality, new Christmas music. This new song by Shane Andrepont is no different. It's entitled "Choir of Cajun Angels" and features the Ernest Gallet Elementary School Choir. (By the way, Gallet Elementary is in Youngsville.)

Listen to a clip yourself and see what you think.

The song was written by Andrepont and another talented local musician, Steven Cohen. The recording features some really talented folks including Travis Matte on accordion and Beau Thomas on fiddle.

It's always important to support local musicians by buying their music. "Choir of Cajun Angels" will available soon for download now on iTunes.


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