Over the last few years, we've all witnessed the good work by the selfless volunteers that make up the Cajun Navy. Now, the whole world will get to witness how this organization has helped thousands of people during major disasters.

Discovery Channel has put together a new documentary special chronicling the work of these everyday heroes.

Little details are known yet when it will air or what it will be called. Right now, the Discovery Channel site is using the working title "Cajun Navy".

However, there's no doubt the program will capture the love that these men and women have for their fellow man and willingness to help under almost any condition.

Here's a short description of what you'll see in this TV special:

With intimate access to these heroic men and women during Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael, CAJUN NAVY (w/t) chronicles the inspiring, spontaneous grass-roots rescue efforts from a movement that started during Hurricane Katrina and lives on today.

A friend of ours here at the station, Ben Husser, is a part of Cajun Navy 2016 and he posted the following teaser video for the upcoming special.

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