Think about all the things that you will likely see in a casino. Sure there are waitresses, slot machines, dice, a roulette wheel, and maybe one or two people on motorized scooters carrying oxygen tanks looking for a place to light their cigarettes too.

Now, think of what you don't ever see in a casino. A clock, a sober bachelor party, an empty seat by the machine that you know is about to hit, and a window. Well, one Mississippi Gulf Coast casino is about to change how you look at the inside of a casino gaming floor. They are putting in windows.

The new expansion of The Beach Casino, a $75 million project to The Island View Casino property will have windows. In fact, there are a lot of windows looking out. Officials with the property say the windows will allow players the opportunity to enjoy the fabulous scenery along the Mississippi Sound.

Usually, things like windows and clocks are not part of the gaming space of a casino operation. The house doesn't like its guests to be aware of what time it is or it's getting to be. That way they'll stay and play a little longer.

The management team of The Island View and The Beach Casino seem to think the addition of a sunset to their playing place might be just the thing to enhance the experience at their facility. The new expansion is set to open later this month at The Island View.

The casino expansion will offer 900 more slot machines and 18 more table games for players. There will also be new restaurants and beverage area too. Reports indicate the facility is gearing up for sports wagering which should be coming to the Mississippi Gulf Coast casinos in the coming months.


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