In the nighttime darkness fireworks are wonderful. Despite the fact that they scare the living crap out of my dog, I don't mind when the neighbors shoot fireworks on the Fourth of July.  What I do mind is going through my yard the next day picking up spent fireworks like bottle rockets, Roman candles, and other pyrotechnic debris.

In case you haven't stopped to think about it. That is littering. A new law signed by Governor Jindal has made the price of littering double in the state. What once was a $75 fine for first offense is now $150. The fines increase with the number of offenses.

Susan Russel if with Keep Louisiana Beautiful and she explained to the Louisiana Radio Network that picking up trash, even fireworks debris, is everybody's responsibility.

If everybody just took personal responsibility for their behaviors and actions, laws on the book wouldn't have to be enforced. It's a shame that they have to be there but for some people, unfortunately, they do need to be there.

Those caught improperly disposing of furniture and appliances and other large debris items could be facing fines of up to $10- thousand dollars under the newly changed law.

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