The new LEGO Creator Majestic Tiger 3 "Year of the Tiger" is available starting today (01/10/22) and it looks fantastic, butt there's one part of it that has people a bit confused.

LEGO Creator Majestic Tiger 3


LEGO Creator Majestic Tiger 3 "Year of the Tiger"

The new LEGO Majestic Tiger set is available starting today (01/10/22) and as usual, when LEGO releases a new set, people are pretty excited about it.

The LEGO Majestic Tiger set is part of the companies Lunar New Year sets to "commemorate the festivities celebrated during the festival and help to teach important Asian traditions and customs" according to

The set is a 3 in 1, meaning LEGO fans can not only build the awesome new tiger but according to, builders "can choose their all-action animal story: stalking prey with a powerful tiger; climbing trees with a red panda; or underwater fun with a koi fish."

You can buy yours now at a number of retailers including Amazon and Target.

LEGO 3 in 1 Tiger Set


As you know, LEGOs and LEGO sets have become a really big deal over the past 10 to 20 years. Special edition sets like this new Majestic Tiger set have also become extremely collectible.

It's common for special edition LEGO sets to sell out quickly after their initial release and fetch big bucks in the re-sale market.

Taking a closer look at the new LEGO Majestic Tiger set, there's something...interesting about it that will surely make it one of the more collectible LEGO sets in recent years.

Lego 2022 Lunar New Year 31129

What is it about LEGOs new "Year of the Tiger" set that has people asking "Is LEGO serious?".

Well...let's just say the new LEGO Majestic Tiger set is...anatomically correct.

Anatomically Correct LEGO Tiger

That's right, LEGOs new Majestic Tiger set comes complete with a part that to my knowledge, no other LEGO animal or figure has.

Butt why though?

LEGO Tiger
YouTube Via Josh Builds Stuff
New LEGO Tiger 2022
YouTube Via Josh Builds Stuff


No need to blink and rub your eyes. You're seeing exactly what you think you're seeing.

Now you can see what has people so confused...sorry.

It's always important that these LEGO special edition sets be a bit challenging, somewhat intricate, and as anatomically correct as possible, but this last little finishing detail seems a bit much.

This new LEGO Creator 3-in-1 set contains 755 pieces.

754 pieces would have done just fine.

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