When you want people to remember something what is the best way to make that happen? Why music of course. Music is the reason that we all know exactly what goes on a McDonald's Big Mac. Music is the reason we know that our bologna has a first name. Music is the reason we understand the socially correct way to eat a Kit Kat Bar.

Now Louisiana's Department of Agriculture is using music and a new music video to tout hurricane preparedness for pet owners.

The song is called Take Your Pets With You and it's performed by New Orleans artist Johnette Downing. The catchy little number is hopefully the kind of earworm that will stick in the minds of Louisiana residents. Especially if the time comes for them to evacuate their homes with their pets because of a hurricane.

Of course, the items outlined in the song aren't the only things you would need to consider should the call to evacuate be issued. The Department of Agriculture and Forestry has a complete list of other tips and suggestions that might come in handy.


Take Your Pets With You from Jennifer Finley on Vimeo.

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