There's a new study out about the worst drivers in America and New Orleans has made the list. Hooray!

Half of the worst cities, however, are in the great state of Florida, including Miami topping the list.

The rankings are based on several factors including insurance claims, fatal accidents, drunk driving deaths and pedestrian injuries.

There are a couple of problems with this study, however: 1) The data isn't consistently available for every city, especially the smaller ones. 2) Also, they used Allstate's insurance data, and they don't insure in Massachusetts. That means the wacky Boston drivers weren't eligible for the list.

Here is the complete list of cities:

  1. Miami
  2. Philadelphia
  3. Hialeah, Florida
  4. Tampa
  5. Baltimore
  6. New Orleans
  7. Orlando
  8. Fort Lauderdale
  9. Houston
  10. Providence, Rhode Island


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