The New Orleans Pelicans visited the precious kids of St. Jude Children's Reserach Hopsital this past weekend. It's so nice and heartwarming to hear of the celebrities and athletes who truly care and make the effort to visit the St. Jude kids.

Anthony Davis, Brian Roberts, and Darius Miller were excited to visit with their St. Jude friends. This is the second time that these three, second-year players have visited the research hopsital. The Pelicans trio were accompanied by their coaches and fellow staff members when making their annual stop at St. Jude. The Sunday visit was right before their big game against the Memphis Grizzlies the following day.

“A bunch of our guys always want to go to St. Jude, because it’s such a cool place, a place where so many kids and their families get a chance – or a second chance,” Pelicans Coach Monty Williams said. “Some of (the children) come here with a prognosis that isn’t that great, but if you look at the success rate that St. Jude has had, when it comes to different types of (childhood) cancer, it’s always cool to be a part of that process. Lord willing, more people will get involved, because they need a number of things to make it go. But they need money (too). They do amazing work. I’m just glad to be a part of it.”

Wow, that is just awesome! We love hearing these uplifting stories, especially since our St. Jude Radiothon begins in just a couple of days.The children of St. Jude are so close to all of our hearts and we will continue to share their moving stories.