In the world of political polls it is all about how you spin the data. By reading the headline for this piece you might think, "Edwin Edwards has no chance to win the 6th Congressional seat in the upcoming election". What if I told you that same poll that shows a majority of voters saying they don't want Edwards back in office also says he is the front runner among the current candidates?

Politics is strange isn't it?

A new poll commissioned by candidate Paul Dietzel and conducted by JMC Analytics suggests that among the three candidates for the 6th Congressional seat Edwards is leading the pack. The results of the poll as reported by the Louisiana Radio Network shows that Edwards currently claims 31% of the vote. Paul Dietzel, the candidate who commissioned the poll has 11% as does another candidate Dan Claitor.

This poll also indicated that 52% of voters say they would not vote for Edwards. So that means he is the front runner to win and the front runner to lose.

Here is what we do know about this race. It is very early in the election process. Voters won't actually cast a ballot until November 4th. Most political pundits suggest Edwards is leading the pack based simply on name recognition. As the campaigns heat up and more and more attention is focused on the race most observers believe one of the other two candidates will begin to show stronger numbers in the polls.

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