There is now a new remote control device that is truly hands free. To me this is an amazing advance in technology and semi-professional laziness too!

I remember the first remote controlled television our family ever owned. It was a small black and white set that we bought for my Dad while he was recovering from surgery. It had one fascinating feature. It could advance the channel forward by one each time you clicked the button. There was no volume control, not going backwards, no previous channel just move the channel forward one click at a time. My Dad was not impressed.

Fast forward some 40 years and we can now change the channels on our televisions from across the world with our smart phones. My how times have changed. I recently ran across a new form of remote control.

It is called wearable gesture control and it fits on your forearm like a wristband but you would wear it closer to your elbow. This device senses the contraction in the muscles of your forearm and the pivot of your arm below the elbow to give  you fascinating hands free control of computers, toys, games, video players and even high tech military gadgets. It's pretty neat.

The only drawback, it does look like something  from the Lindsay Lohan cellmate monitoring collection but put on a sweater and nobody will ever know.

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