South Louisiana has seen unprecedented floods that have destroyed thousands of homes, and are responsible for at least 11 deaths so far. Many people I've spoken with have asked, why isn't this being covered on the national news? The New York Times public editor has noticed as well, and says they have neglected their duty in reporting to the world the devastation we're experiencing with the Louisiana flood.

According to The Daily Advertiser, The New York Times has admitted they have devoted no staff so far to cover the flooding.

Saturday a state of emergency was declared as people were being rescued by boat and helicopter, but yet the national media was hardly saying a word about us.

All I've seen on the news is Trump, Olympics, Hillary, Trump, Olympics, random wild fire, cupping, get the idea.

I commend the New York Times for coming out and admitting publicly they screwed up.

Editor Liz Spayd described the paper's coverage so as far as
"particularly weak".

A theory going around is that the national media hasn't covered the flooding because the event doesn't have a name really. It's wasn't a hurricane, it wasn't a tropical storm, it was just a weather anomaly. I don't know, maybe just call it a storm? Does it have to have a name before it's important enough to talk about? Eleven people have died, but I guess that's not important enough either.



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