It appears there are no plans in place, at least in the near future, for Lafayette drivers with unpaid Redflex citations to have their vehicles booted.

This is the word reported from KATC TV via Lafayette Consolidated Government Attorney Mike Hebert. Allegedly several citizens had been contacted via mail by Redflex with threats of booting their vehicles for non-payment of Redflex fines. Redflex is the company that is contracted to administer the speed and red light cameras in the city.

According to the KATC report, Hebert said in regards to Redflex threats,

"That's certainly a mistake. That's something that needs to be corrected,"

An unidentified resident turned over a copy of the letter he received from Redflex to KATC who then took that letter to Hebert for clarification.  Among the points made clear by Hebert was the fact that Redflex cannot boot vehicles for traffic violations. There is an ordinance that provides for the immobilization of vehicles for unpaid parking violations.

Hebert went on to explain that as this moment Lafayette Consolidated Government has not booted any vehicles as a result of the Safelight/Safespeed program.