The use of cameras and nonhuman devices to catch law breakers has been debated many times on this website. Some see the cameras as an extension of the law. Some see the cameras as a way for government to make money. One Louisiana Legislator thinks that the use of automated cameras on Louisiana's Intestate Highways is not a good idea.

Mike Danahay of Sulphur explains his reasoning for being opposed to cameras on the Interstate.

"Maybe there is a medical emergency or maybe the driver is impaired," Or what if there is an outstanding warrant for their arrest or they are transporting illegal drugs?"

He goes on to say in a story reported by the Louisiana Radio Network that cameras do not serve the public interest. They would simply be a revenue generator. Under Danahay's legislation no motorist could be ticketed with out human interaction. In other words being stopped by either state, federal , or local law enforcement.

Danahay's bill, House Bill 896, made it out of committee unopposed however there are legislators who aren't in total agreement with the bill. One Representative from Shreveport went on record as saying she has concerns with any legislation that would take away the opportunity to improve safety on our roadways.

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