There are a lot times in our lives when we ask the question why? For example, Why do people climb mountains? Why do people pay to go see a movie with Hugh Grant in it, Why do we care about Lindsay Lohan? For me one of the biggest whys is why would anyone want to go noodling? Noodling is the fine art of sticking your bare arm into a hidden hole in a pond and hoping, yes hoping, a behemoth catfish will chomp down on it so you can catch it.  

Did you know that in the state of Texas noodling is a class C misdemeanor? I can think of a lot better ways to get in trouble with the law than turning my forearm into stink bait. To me fishing has always been a mystery, I don't have much patience so I am not good at fishing. I don't think you can really catch a fish using artificial bait. I do like the fact that fishing gives many of us a good reason to step away from our hectic world and relax beside a body of water and , if you're like me, pray that no fish interrupts your nap.

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