The midterm election is over with, and the numbers are tallied. It's time to think about how these results will affect our future. The state of Louisiana saw a stunning voter turnout of about 64% during this past election. Though there are many issues and changes on voters' minds, many have their eyes on legal sports betting.

Although not everyone is behind sports betting, the majority of voters were in favor of moving forward with it. Now that this has passed, readers in the parishes that support daily fantasy sports may be wondering, "Can I bet on the Eagles game? What about Saints v Falcons?" Well...not quite yet.

Since it is clear WHERE fantasy gambling will be legal, the questions that need answering are HOW this should be taxed and regulated, as well as WHAT systems need to be put in place. According to Legal Sports Report and WAFB, most of the technology used to regulate the system will be copied from other states that already host sports betting. A technology called 'geofencing' will lock access to the service when parish lines are crossed, and reopen in the appropriate sectors. It is likely that the next vote pertaining to the subject will take place April 2019. You might not place your first bet until the middle of next year's football season.

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