College marching bands are one of the great ingredients that help set college athletes apart from the pros.

While the sports competition is higher at the pro level, the playing of house music after a first down, touchdown, or any kind of big play on the gridiron doesn't hit the mark the way a marching band's music does.

South Louisiana has a number of famous marching bands, including The Human Jukebox from Southern University.

Southern's marching band plays at more than just Southern athletic events. The Human Jukebox is a national brand, performing across the country, and even starring in Lizzo's music video "Good as Hell".

Like anything, it takes hard work to be the best.

Ohio State University is a national brand known for its athletics, as well as its marching band.

The band performed at the football team's spring game last weekend, but it was a slo-mo video of drum major Dalton Cararo that left the internet bewildered.

Is it real? Or is it fake?

Congrats Dalton! You made SportsCenter.

Take another look. Is he pulling the baton back with assistance? Or is the bounce legitimate?

The Ohio State band is adamant it's legit.

What do you think? Is it sorcery? A string? Or just pure physics?

I believe it's real. I just want to know how long it takes to master a baton bounce back like that.

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