Did the Ole Miss Rebels just lose to Mississippi State? Did they lose in such a way that the way they lost will go down in history? You're darn right they did. The Ole Miss Rebels lost the annual Egg Bowl battle with their in-state rival because of a missed point after touchdown. But don't put all the blame on the kicker.

His normal chip shot extra point was backed up by a very unsportsmanlike touchdown celebration.

Yeah, the guy from Ole Miss was impersonating a dog urinating. That's how they keep it classy in Oxford y'all.

After the dust had settled and the punishment for the faux pee faux pas had been handed out the extra point was missed and Mississippi State hung on for the victory. Did you guys note that when all this went down there were just: 04 seconds left in the game? This guy literally pissed away Ole Miss's chance at a win. Gotta love rivalry games huh?

Because you've probably detected my Bulldog bias I can tell you the win makes Mississippi State eligible for a postseason bowl game. They probably haven't played well enough all season to be given that honor but they did win at least six games.

My hope is they will go to the Belk Bowl in Charlotte. Because the people in Charlotte are nice and forgiving and with the Carolina Panthers in town, they are used to seeing bad football.


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