We often think of Olympic athletes as superhuman beings. They're pretty much super heroes, and there's nothing we could possibly have in common with them, right? Wrong.

Take 24-year-old Enzo Lefort, Olympian fencer from France for example. There he is, in the freaking Olympics, competing to hopefully win a medal in his sport and bring honor to his country. In the middle of one of the most important moments in his life, something happens that brings the bout to a screeching halt. As if he were a mere mortal, he drops his cell phone.

Watch as the phone comes flying out of his pocket and hits the ground. He stumbles around a little, then locates his phone and picks it up.

He looks a little haunt as he brings his phone to his coach, doesn't he? You know his coach has told him a hundred times to not keep his phone in his pocket during competition.

I think this is one the best Olympic moments I've ever seen.

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