Lainey Wilson has made big waves in not only the country music world, but in the fashion world, too. She has become known for her signature bell-bottom pants, and she is rocking them.

I personally like the bell-bottom look so I did a little snooping to find out where she gets her fancy pants from. Interestingly enough, I found that one of her favorite designers is right here in Louisiana.

Lainey has taken to social media a number of times talking about her OOTD (Outfit of the day) wearing bell-bottom pants designed by Cat O' Nine out of New Orleans.

There was that one time at the CMT Artist of the Year party...

And then the maroon bells happened that are awesome...

Cat O' Nine unfortunately isn't a store you can walk in to and buy your bell-bottoms off the rack. The clothes are custom and handmade to order. So we might have to simply live vicariously through Lainey Wilson and her fabulous pants.

Lainey did an interview with Women's Wear Daily talking about the leopard print bell-bottoms she had at six-years-old that she loved so much her mom had to practically tear them from her to wash.

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That love has obviously carried into adulthood and Lainey's stylists kept her love going making it her "signature look." In the interview with WWD Lainey said, "I call it 'bell-bottom country' - country with a flair. What makes you special is your story, your look, your sound, the unique things that make you you."

That is absolutely true and I admire that she isn't ashamed of who she is and where she comes from (which happens to be Baskin, LA). Lainey is comfortable in her own skin and that is an incredible message for the youth of today.

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