The 88th annual Academy Awards will be held this Sunday, February 28, live from Los Angeles. It's Hollywood's biggest night, but it is not with out it's controversies. The hashtag #OscarsSoWhite has been rumbling around social media, as some people disdain the lack of diversity in the nominations this year. I'm sure the ceremony's host - comedian Chris Rock - will have a field day at the Academy's expense.

But one of the most controversial  aspects of Oscars is sure to come, when winners get their statues, and the traditional sparkling exterior will now be replaced with a dull bronze. Whaaaaaat? From the outside it looks like they might be trying to save some money (Those poor, poor, white multi millionaires) by replacing the brittania finish with bronze.

This is not the first time the Oscar statue has gone through a change - during WWII, the awards were plaster, and a couple of times before that, bronze. But they have remained a beloved part of the ceremony with their shiny exterior, for years. Read more about the technical aspects of this huge change from Yahoo. And we are wondering - is it still appropriate to call it 'Oscar Gold?' Just asking.... Hooray for Hollywood, ya'll.

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