UPDATE: 81-year-old Barbara Ann Andrus has been identified as the victim in Friday morning's fire.

Lafayette Fire investigators have ruled the incident an accident. The fire, which originated in a bedroom, was caused by an electrical short within a connection between an extension cord and an outlet adapter.

When the fire started, the people inside were asleep. Once the elderly woman's son, Larry Andrus, awoke to the fire and smoke in his bedroom, he woke up his sister, Jeanette Andrus, along with his young niece and nephew. After getting the children out of the home, they tried to remove the elderly mother, but were not successful.

The two young children sustained minor burns, have been treated and released.

Jeanette Andrus is being treated for burns she received while trying to rescue her mother.


Early today one person was found dead in a house fire in the 100 block of Hayes Street.

Two adults and two children were able to make it out of the burning home.

Firefighters arrived at 156 Hayes Street to find the house was on fire.

One person was said to be inside, and firefighters did conduct a search.

The cause of the fire and the person's death are still under investigating.

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