An online donation site has been set up for long-time Loreauville Town Hall clerk Phyllis Savoy, who was severely injured last Friday night in a head-on collision.

According to the GoFundMe donation page, Savoy remains hospitalized with a broken shoulder, hips, ribs, and two broken legs. There is also mention that she faces possible amputation.

This was the wreck that killed Savoy's fiancé, Loreauville mayor Al Broussard.

"In his absence, his family and friends will step in with love and, at least, help her to address the financial burden that accompanies a long recovery," the donation page said. "There is something about growing up in a small community that pulls us together in a way that city life can never accomplish. We grow up together, celebrate together, grieve together with an intimacy that is special. For many years, Al and Phyllis have been the bedrock of our community and there is nothing we can do to adequately thank them."

The funeral for Al Broussard was held on Tuesday and hundreds of family and friends showed up to honor the late Loreauville mayor.

Mayor Pro Tem Mark Landry will serve as acting mayor until the Board of Aldermen can nominate an interim mayor.