I am proud to say I work with a bunch of outlaws. Here at the fabulous Bruce Mikells Multi-Media Center in Lafayette, we employ law breakers and hoodlums. Their heinous act? They play fantasy sports for money. I know, the Devil probably has an annex outside in our parking lot waiting for lost souls to leave for lunch.

If you're not familiar with fantasy sports consider yourself lucky. Fantasy sports are to men what bra shopping at Victoria's Secret is to women. Fun, exciting, naughty, and frustrating as hell. The difference, women don't talk smack about cup sizes in front of other women. Men will emasculate another man because a pretend player on a pretend team that is owned by a real life geek fumbled the ball.

Enough of my learned opinion, let's get to the meat of the story. Fantasy sports played online for money is against the law in Lousiana. The set up of most online leagues is a direct violation of Louisiana gambling laws. However, one state legislator is going to bat for all of you fantasy sports guys. He's trying to get that law changed so your life savings can be transferred to a multimillionaire in Vanuatu over the Internet with no questions asked.

Metarie Representative Joe Lopinto is filing legislation that would clarify the rules concerning fantasy sports.

"We're just clarifying that this is not gambling. We're not betting on the outcome of a game or a point spread. Fantasy Football is a game of skill."

You can't blame Joe for wanting to put this issue to bed. There are a lot of people that play fantasy sports in Louisiana and around the world. Lopinto said in remarks he made to the Louisiana Radio Network,

"There is an outcry for it and many people who participate,"

All we need to do is have a public outcry and stuff can get done? Hey Joe, the higher education system in the state is going to hell! Oh, and I got Drew Brees as my quarterback could you make sure I get paid if he throws a touchdown?

I know I am being harsh on Mr. Lopinto and I understand his reasoning for this legislation. I don't care either way if it passes or not. I figure it like this. If fantasy  sports remain against the law I will just call the sheriff when the boudin balls arrive in the studio and with everybody being hauled off to jail, I will have more for myself, now that is a real fantasy.

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