Computer hackers, identity thieves, people who create computer viruses, I'd like to cover them all in raw chicken and throw them in the swamp. It is with great personal pleasure that I report to you that the FBI has announced the arrest of 70 individuals, including a man from Opelousas, who are accused of being a part of a world wide hacker coalition. 

The FBI identified an online forum called Darkode. In layman's terms it's a virtual black marketplace to sell things that hackers steal or remove from systems at schools or businesses.

Those are the words of  Andrew Ludlum who is the Assistant Special agent in charge of the New Orleans field office who made that comment to the Louisiana Radio Network.

The group was reported to be the largest English speaking faction in the world whose purpose was to create, distribute, and manufacture malicious computer software. The group was shut down by the FBI by a court order, however the individuals responsible for the activities of the group were not accounted for until now.

28 year old Rory Stephen Guidry of Opelousas was arrested and charged with computer fraud in connection with this operation known as Shrouded Horizon. The operation was executed in order to stop hackers from being able to sell identity information they were retrieving from personal devices. Guidry, according to his arrest record, was allegedly involved in selling information to computer botnets in which malicious third parties could gain control of these hacked machines.

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