If you've listened to the Bruce and the Kennel Club show anytime over the past 19 years you know how I feel about harmony. To my ears there is no sound sweeter than the blending of human voices in a rich and vibrant harmonious union.

That's why I have always been a big fan of the Bayou Blend Chorus. The Bayou Blend Chorus is a local affiliate of Sweet Adelines International. They make some incredible music and they would love for you to come sing along with them.

On September 30, the group is holding a Christmas Chorus Open House. If you're a lady who loves to sing and you especially enjoy Christmas Music then this is right in your range. The open house will take place at First Baptist Church in Broussard. The church is located at 210 South Morgan Street. You are asked to be there by 6:30pm and plan on staying until 8:30.

Chorus membership is not required to be a part of this open house but chances are you'll be inclined to become a part of the party. It's your chance to meet existing members, ask questions and most importantly sing your heart out. If you'd like to find out more about The Bayou Blend Chorus and the open house you may call (337) 519-4006. You can also find out more about this exciting and fun group via their Facebook page.

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