There were some very intense moments but there was no violence as thousands of people took to the streets of Baton Rouge over the weekend. There were several protests over the shooting death of Alton Sterling last week.

In the six days since Sterling's death there have been protest in the capital city each day. Sterling lost his life during an attempted arrest by Baton Rouge police. Sterling, an African American, was shot and fatally wounded by a white Baton Rouge police officer.

Over 100 individuals were arrested over the weekend during the protests. Most those who were arrested were charged with obstruction because they were allegedly blocking a public roadway. 

State and local law enforcement officials were concerned that some individuals, including people from out of state, might join the protest and attempt to incite the crowd to violence.  Governor John Bel Edwards told the Louisiana Radio Network,

I'm certainly proud of the people of this community, the fact that for the most part, the vast majority have them have rejected the folks that have tried to incite them.

There are more protests planned for today and perhaps the next several days as the investigation into the fatal shooting continues.


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